Laser Spine Surgery

Laser Spine Surgery at The NeuroSpine Center

About Laser Spine Surgery

The NeuroSpine Center is proud to bring the latest neurosurgical technology to Lancaster by offering laser spine surgery. Laser spine surgery is an alternative approach to traditional open neck or back surgery.

Laser Spine Surgery is a highly technical procedure that our neurosurgeons have been thoroughly trained for. It takes a highly skilled, well-trained surgeon to properly perform laser spine surgery due to the advanced surgical instruments needed to perform the procedure.

Determining Eligibility for Laser Spine Surgery

Many factors go in to determining a patient’s condition, the best approach to treatment for that condition and if the patient qualifies for laser spine surgery. We highly recommend patients schedule a consultation to discuss their symptoms with one of our neurosurgeons as they will guide them through their treatment options.

Many conditions respond well to conservative treatments such as physical therapy, pain medication, epidural steroid injections or acupuncture. Our Neurosurgeons will always turn to conservative treatment before recommending surgical treatment. They will be happy to discuss your eligibility for laser spine surgery and their suggestions for the treatment plan that will provide the best outcome.